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Since the 1960's research has continued to progress at a rapid rate. Despite the fact there is still no cure, the symptoms can now be effectively controlled and reduced in severity. The Parkinson's Disease Foundation was established in America in1957 to assist sufferers and to fund and promote further research. Many other foundations assisting the cause have been established in the following years. A notable recent addition is the Michael J Fox Foundation, named after the much loved television and movie actor. The foundation has been very public about its goal of developing a cure for the disease within this decade. Since its inception in 2000 it has succeeded in raising over 90 million US dollars.

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Jean Luc Godard (French: lyk da; born 3 December 1930) is a French Swiss film director, screenwriter and film critic. Is often identified with the. breathless 1960 essay

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Breathless 1960 essay

Great list, by my favourite director, here is mine: ) alphabetical order Apocalypse Now (Copolla, 1979) Bicycle Thief, The (Di Sica, 1948) Breathless (Godard, 1960) Breathless 1960 Essay