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(d) List of Clients. Within 21 days after the effective date of an order of discipline, the disciplined attorney shall file with the clerk of the supreme court and serve upon the Administrator an alphabetical list of the names, addresses, telephone numbers and file numbers of all clients whom the disciplined attorney represented on the date of, or during the year prior to, the imposition of discipline. At the same time, the disciplined attorney shall serve upon the Administrator a copy of each notification served pursuant to paragraph (c) above.

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In the event that any of the events listed in subparagraph (f)(1)-(3) occur, the attorneylicensed under this rule shall notify the clerk of the Supreme Court of the event inwriting within one year of the date upon which the event occurs and upon suchnotification, the license and authorization to perform services under this rule shall beterminated.

Supreme Court Rule 711, - Illinois

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(b) Reciprocity. In considering whether to license an applicant under this rule, the supreme court may in its discretion take into account whether a member of the bar of the supreme court would have a reasonable and practical opportunity to establish an office for the giving of legal advice to clients in the applicant’s country of admission (as referred to in paragraphs (c)(1) and (c)(5) of this rule), if there is pending with the supreme court a request to take this factor into account from a member of the bar of this court actively seeking to establish such an office in that country which raises a serious question as to the adequacy of the opportunity for such a member to establish such an office, or if the supreme court decides to do so on its own initiative.

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If the attorney respondent fails to file the required affidavit within the 14-day period provided above, or in the event the affidavit does not contain the statements required by subparagraphs (1), (2), (3) and (4) above, the court may deny the attorney’s motion to strike his name from the roll of attorneys admitted to practice law in this State. If the court allows the motion, the facts and conclusions of misconduct set forth in the Administrator’s statement of charges shall be deemed established and conclusive in any future disciplinary proceedings related to the attorney, including any proceedings under Rule 767.

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(2) In case of service by mail or by delivery to a third-party commercial carrier to the address which appeared on the envelope or package, by proof of delivery showing the name of the person served. For such service upon an attorney, “address” is defined as (i) the attorney’s last known business or residence address or (ii) the address listed on the Master Roll or, if the attorney is not listed on the Master Roll, the address last designated by the attorney on the Master Roll or in the equivalent of the Master Roll in any jurisdiction, as defined in Supreme Court Rule 763, in which the attorney is or was licensed to practice law;


(6) to collect and administer the disciplinary fund provided for in Rule 756, to collect and remit to the Lawyers’ Assistance Program Fund the fee described in Rule 756(a)(1) and the Lawyers’ Assistance Program Act (30 ILCS 105/5.570), to collect and remit to the Lawyers Trust Fund the fee described in Rule 756(a)(1), to collect and remit to the Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism the fee described in Rule 756(a)(1) and, on or before April 30 of each year, file with the court an accounting of the monies received and expended for disciplinary activities and fees remitted to the Lawyers’ Assistance Program Fund, the Lawyers Trust Fund, and the Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism, and a report of such activities for the previous calendar year, which shall be published by the court, and there shall be an independent annual audit of the disciplinary fund as directed by the court, the expenses of which shall be paid out of the fund;