90s Cartoons Available on Netflix

(Funny show,but a bad time slot.) And '90's sitcoms ("Friends", "Sienfield",etc.) are on syndication while some 80's shows (and some '90's shows) are on "Nick At Nite" or "TV Land".

And mid '90's cable network Cartoon Network also rarely shows any classic Warner Brothers cartoons.

So it's still odd for me to get used to all the grown up getting kids born in the 80's, especially deep in the 80's----MUCH LESS any kid born in the 90's.

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Someone mentions good tv shows, and you automatically think of 80s cartoons and sitcoms.

29-year-old Mississippi artist, Brandon Avant, grew up watching and loving 90s cartoons especially the ones that helped black children understand their culture like "The Proud Family". According to the , Avant, a fashion design student at The University of Portland, regularly posted his artwork on Instagram but his desire to reminisce on dope cartoons by aging some of our favorite animated characters gained him Internet fame.

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If you look back at the cartoons created in the 90s and the cartoons now, you will notice that the designs of cartoons are always easy and fun. Easy in the sense details not being overly complicated. Through progression in technology, cartoon developers have been able to upgrade their designs (respectively). However, the design aspects are created with maintaining and stimulating children's minds at all times.

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(It's a part of a block of cartoons from DIC...I know that "The Littles" were already butchered on a movie) And BET has a music video show called "Grown Folks' Music" that plays videos from the '80's to mid 1990's.

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It actually IS funny if you think about it, I mean "In Stereo WHERE AVAILABLE", sounds like something from 1972, errr, oh no wait...then you realize YOU grew up in the early 1990s and TV shows ran "In Stereo Where Available" in 1992.

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Made me feel SUPER OLD when they started remember TV shows of their younger days from the 80s and even 90s such as Different Strokes, Facts of Life, Happy Days, Knight Rider, and hell even more 90s type shows like Full House and Family Matters.