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Gramont, Francoise Margeurite de Plessis-Chivre, Duchesse de – (1608 – 1689)
French Bourbon
A prominent courtier of Louis XIII and Anne of Austria, Francoise de Plessis-Chivre was the daughter of one of the cousins of Cardinal Richelieu. Madamoiselle de Plessis-Chivre was given in marriage by the Cardinal to Antoine III de Gramont (1604 – 1678), then Duch de Guiche, and later the first Duc and Marechal de Gramont, as a means of ensuring his continued support. Guiche had originally been promised the Cardinal’s niece, a closer relative, but Richelieu forced him to take Francoise instead. Guiche was not insulted by this, a marriage alliance was an alliance, whoever the bride was to be, and replied that; ’…. He was marrying His Eminence and not his relations, and that he would take whichever lady it pleased His Eminence to bestow on him.’ The marriage was brilliantly celebrated at the court, and Cardinal Richelieu supplied Francoise with a magnificent dowry. Francoise is mentioned only once in her husband’s Memoires and survived him as the Dowager Duchesse de Gramont (1678 – 1689). The duchesse died (May 2, 1689) aged eighty. She left three children,

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Gertrude of Scheldt (2) – (c608 – 675)
Carolingian nun and saint
Gertrude was the daughter of Arnulf, Margrave of Scheldt and Bishop of Metz (611 - 640) and his wife Doda of Austrasia, the daughter of Bodesgesil II, Duke of Austrasia, and his wife Oda of Alemannia. She remained unmarried and took vows as a nun, becoming the third abbess of the Benedictine convent of St Mont, near Remiremont in Lorraine. Gertrude died (Nov 7, 675) and her religious cult was approved by Pope Leo IX (1051). Her niece, the more famous St Gertrude of Landen (died 659) was named after her.

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Gordon, Lady Janet – (c1461 – after 1513)
Scottish aristocrat
Lady Janet Gordon was the eldest daughter of George Gordon (c1440 – 1501), second Earl of Huntley and his second wife Princess Annabella Stuart (later the Lady Colquhoun of Luss), the daughter of James I, king of Scotland. Janet was married firstly to Alexander Lindsay (c1460 – 1489), the master of Crawford. His death left her childless and she remarried to Patrick, third Baron Gray. Janet was accused, together with her brother-in-law, John Lindsay (c1462 – 1513), sixth Earl of Crawford, of the murder of her first husband. However, the proceedings concerning the crime were interrupted by the disastrous battle of Flodden (1513) and the subsequent death of Janet’s brother-in-law.

Gigliucci, Contessa Clara see Novello, Clara Anastasia

Gibson, Althea – (1927 – 2003)
Black American tennis player and golfing champion
Gibson was born (Aug 25, 1927) in Silver City, South Carolina, the daughter of sharecroppers, and played tennis from an early age. She was forced by family finances to leave school and take a job in order to bring home a wage, but was sponsored by a wealthy black family, which enabled her to gain a college education. Althea Gibson was the first black woman to win the US Open at Forest Hills (1950) and Wimbledon (1957). Gibson won both the French and Italian singles chamionships (1956), and the British (1957) and American titles (1958). She played on a professional basis from 1959, winning the professional singles title (1960), and appearing in several films, including, The Horse Soldiers (1959). She also worked as a night-club singer and wrote the autobiography, I Always Wanted to be Somebody (1958). Gibson was included in the National Lawn Tennis Hall of Fame (1971). A decade afterwards she was also inducted into the Women’s Sports Hall of Fame (1980). After retiring from competitive sports she recorded a singing album Althea Gibson Sings (1959), and became the first African-American woman to play in the Ladies Professional Golf Association (1964). She was later appointed as the New Jersey state commissioner of athletics (1975). Althea Gibson died (Sept 28, 2003) aged seventy-six, in East Orange, Jersey.

Gillmore, Inez see Irwin, Inez Haynes

Giberne, Agnes – (1845 – 1939)
British children’s evangelical author and scientific writer
Agnes Giberne was born in India and returned to England as a child. She lived and travelled extensively in Europe and never married, remaining under her father’s roof. Her works for children included The Lost Found: Or, Brunhild’a Trials (1876), but she was better known for her well written scientific works such as Sun, Moon and Stars (1879) and The World’s Foundations, or Geology for Beginners (1881).