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If you’re stuck for answers, then maybe you should read this study guide. For the price of a chocolate bar, you can become an expert on one of the greatest novels in the language. This is an extremely useful guide to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. It is ideal for students studying the text for A Level or equivalent qualification, but will be helpful to able GCSE students looking for high marks. This guide really encourages students to think for themselves with searching, open-ended questions: this helps to develop personal responses which are vital to attaining higher grades.

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Of course, apart from the whole thirst-for-voyeurism thing that we all have, Jane Eyre also offers something else: Over and over, Jane’s put into situations where she’s too young, too poor, or too powerless to win, but she has to try anyway. And we all know about that.

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Historical and literary context
- contemporary reception of the novel
- the ‘Woman Question’

Main themes
- Victorian attitudes towards class differences: the figure of the governess
- patriarchal ideology
- socio-religious background and Jane’s moral conscience
- passion vs. duty
- gothic vs. romance
-setting and atmosphere: Jane’s sensitivity to nature

Symbolism and imagery

- male figure and authority
- female figures and friendship
- the figure of Bertha Mason in relation to Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea

Story and plot


Other narrative aspects

Self-assessment questions

(The quotations from Jane Eyre refer to the Penguin edition of the novel)

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The Professor was Charlotte Brontë's first novel, written before Jane Eyre but rejected by publishers until after her death. The book tells the story of a young man named William Crimsworth, from his formative years to his appointment as a teacher at an all-girls school. The story is based upon Brontë’s experiences in school.

JANE EYRE The novel that I'm studying is called Jane Eyre

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It's written by a famous writer called Charlotte Bronte.

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