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Lafayette Square is one of the most beautiful Squares in Savannah Georgia. During the day, you can visit Lafayette Square and visit famous locations such as the Hamilton-Turner Inn, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and the Andrew Low House. At night, Lafayette Square takes on a new persona. On a few of our ghost tours, including the Beyond Good and Evil Tour, we'll walk you through this beautiful and haunted Square.

Bob the dog has run away into a haunted house. Can the children find Bob? Watch and find out!

Antony x" On the heels of releasing the critically acclaimed The Crying Light, ANTONY will make two public radio appearances next week to discuss his haunting, touching art. Early next week, the great David Garland will feature an interview and performance from Antony on his left-of-center and out-music WNYC radio program "Spinning on Air." During his visit with Garland, Antony performed the songs "Another World" and "Epilepsy Is Dancing" from The Crying Light.

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Kid-friendly ghost story from Arkansas about a haunted house with some spooky ..

In The Fall of the House of Usher by: Edgar Allen Poe, the story begins with the narrator going to visit his old friend in an isolated house built on a swamp.