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From the struggles against slavery to today’s struggle against structural racism and for democracy for all, the African-American people continue to play a strategic role in the fight for progress.

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The life of African Americans has undergone tremendous changes over time. The different historical periods have affected their lives in all manners possible. Political issues and decisions that were made in the different periods created different views that affected their lives. The major characteristic of the African American lives in the historical period was their struggle to be regarded equally and their fight for their rights. Economic and social issues have also been a major discussion in this history. This paper focuses on the progression of African Americans in different issues since 1865 to date. There have been major landmarks that mark the differences between these periods and they are discussed in this paper. There were times that African American lives were characterized by violence and other times that change occurred. African Americans express themselves in different ways, some of them being art and music. In study of the history of these people, we see how different times have brought changes to the lives of African Americans.

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The African-American people’s struggle for freedom was then – and remains today – central in the fight for democracy and progress.

This culture of struggle is indelibly etched on the basic progressive and democratic political consciousness and basic character of the African Americans.