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The most egregious error with this show (and there a LOT that come close joint second!) is their use of the word theory (and sadly, how everyone then uses theory when defending the show). In everyday parlance, it's fine to say 'I have a theory about...' when discussing non-scientific things. But like it or not, this show IS talking about scientific things. As such, it needs to abide by use of the word theory in that context. Gravity is a theory, eveolution is a theory, the ancient alien stuff is merely a spit-balling of disjointed ideas. For it to be a theory, it needs to have been proven once, and then backed up with repeated, independent tests. Given these guys can't even identify that a block isn't carved at a right angle when one of their chief proponents is holding a set square next to it, the chances they'll prove anything beyond reasonable doubt is slim to none. Unfortunately, they then fall back behind the defence of 'Oh, but these are just theories'. If that's the case, they should stop stating things as fact (which they do all the time), or devise a way to prove their 'theory'. At the moment, this is barely even a hypothesis.

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Explain this - Back in 1961, my oldest brother (then about 10), who was a tough guy who wasn't afraid of anybody or anything, was walking home from playing ball one night in the tiny village of Edenville PA., which is still today mostly farm fields and orchards, and seeing his shadow cast from a light from what he initially thought was a car coming up behind him, without turning around to look he just moved to the side of the road to let it by, but never heard any engine or tire noise yet the light was still there his shadow bobbing up and down and side to side he then thought it was a friend on a bike with a headlight messing with him. So he turned around to look and about broke the door down out of breath in a terror stricken panic trying to get in the house. He said he was chased home by what he described as a flying fireball about the size of a bowling or basket ball and was always on a nervous edge ever since. With the reports of the spheres or more commonly called feu fighters, the little orbs of about the same size people report being emitted from the larger crafts they believe are probes ... my question is, if it wasn't that, then what else could it be as swamp gas and meteors don't chase people to my knowledge ?

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Ted-But nothing proves that "aliens" did this movement, is the point. Check out "Coral Castle" in Florida. Huge stones of enormous weight were moved by a little guy who probably had an "antigravity" method. same probably held true for these mega stones. we just can't say the power was from "out of this world". Like the ufo stuff-there has never been any hardcore evidence. Something to think about for Ancient Aliens followers...where's the proof???

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I found your site from watching that documentary. I have to say, from the folklore perspective, I love Ancient Aliens. I also find it to be a comedy. I enjoyed the documentary, but I did have a problem when he started with his personal beliefs on Noah's Ark. I was disappointed to see Creation Magazine listed in the footnotes, as I don't consider them a credible source for science. Other than that, I did enjoy the documentary and I am glad I watched it. I'm looking forward to White's updates to the site, too.

Does life exist on other planets other than Earth

MissAnnThrope your criticism concerning Creation magazine seems misplaced since he cited them as a source concerning world flood legends not science.

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Um...for starters, big stones could have been moved by an antigravity sequence. This "force" is not necessarily from "somewhere out there", so to speak. AA right away tries to support their belief"aliens did it" all the time challenging moving vs our present methods. Just because some monumental task was done in historical times doesn't PROVE it was done by aliens. By what or whom, who knows. BTW show me one ounce of proof aliens ever even have visited. One would think that with all these supposed abductions somebody by this time would have grabbed a small artifact from the "ship" or with all our cell phones a pic or two....show me one case like this, AA. "Proof" and AA's constant speculations are two vastly polar entities.