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4. Arranged marriages can lead to complicationss, as they put additional strain upon the newly married couples to meet with the expectations of the family and deal with possible family interference and lack of privacy.

Marriage is when two people have a wedding ceremony to exchange vows before God and their family.

The qualitative descriptive write-up on marriage ceremony must have a short and clear cut introduction. Besides, there must be conclusion at the end with the body of the main content in the middle. Use properly selected subheadings to write the middle portion of the write-up on the marriage. Within 3-4 lines, restrict your personal opinions to express in the last portion of the write on marriage ceremony.

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This paper is going to be providing an outline of the seventeenth-century English marriage....

It absorbs more energy and requires extra effort since the process of marriage encompasses number of various rites: plan of marriage, pre-wedding, the wedding day, and after the wedding.

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Today they build together the foundation of theirmarriage upon the earth, in the presence of the sacred fire and theradiant sun, among their family and friends.

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Before during the ancient times, women had to marry those in their families, and could not marry those that were Marriage use to be all about doing what you needed to support your family, which meant you married someone who was able to give you what you needed....

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In this essay, I analyze the power displayed in the ceremony because ideology and ruling class by looking at Athusser’s interpellation and theory of hegemony by Antonia Gramsci....

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In this marriage, the bride's father gives his consent under pressure, fear, or due to material, economic or financial consideration offered by the groom. For example, if a groom is from a rich family or a powerful family, likes a girl and wants to marry her by all means, whether she is inclined or not, he may take recourse to this method to win over her father and marry her. In the past kings, feudal lords, and rich merchants engaged in this type of marriage. Such marriages are currently rare, but they do take place. Hindu law books do not approve of this type of marriage, and declare it as demonic.

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In this marriage, the bride and the groom married secretly by mutual consent, but without the consent of the bride's father and without a formal wedding ceremony. The bride and the groom simply exchange garlands and enter the marital relationship. Since there was no formal ceremony and the consent of the elders was not obtained, such marriages were not socially approved or recognized by the families of the groom or the bride. However, Hindu tradition considers this type marriage acceptable and lawful in certain situations especially where the bride and the groom belong to Kshatriya caste.