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In 'An Inspector Calls' Eva goes on strike with some
of the other women from Mr Birling's factory to try and raise their
wages to twenty-five shillings, which was very common for women to ask
at the time, but because of Mr Birling's attitude towards the working
class, their request was overruled and because of Eva's determination
she was sacked from the factory.

Priestley is the author of 'An Inspector Calls', he wrote and published the play in 1945.

Priestley's An Inspector Calls At the beginning of the play Sheila and Mr Birling are very different characters and are still very much so upon the end of the play, they both react with the different stages of the play in a variety of ways.

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Priestley's An Inspector Calls Dear Katherine, I have gathered some information and advice for your part as Sheila in 'An Inspector Calls'.

Priestley's An Inspector Calls’ Sheila, is one of the more sympathetic characters in contrast to the other members of the Birling family she also has the most conscience compared to any of the characters in the book.