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I believe my students now have a pretty good handle on rhetorical analysis; we've been working on diction, syntax, vocabulary, close reading of pre-19th Century texts, some work on the MC portion. I'd like to move to synthesis essay, but we haven't read those works.

Find article themes, analyze, critique, synthesize and write a conclusion - Essay Example

This handout is designed to show you many of the writing situations and decisions that you will face when writing a synthesis essay. Among the many questions that writers have about writing this type of essay, the primary questions all seem to arise around the use of sources. What is the proper use? When do I use quotes? How do I incorporate paraphrases? How can I include my ideas and opinions? The essay that I am analyzing is the Synthesis Example Essay that has already been handed out to you. In analyzing how this writer prepared and presented his/her argument, I should be able to better show you the style and techniques expected of the writer of a synthesis essay.

Story of the Week: The Yellow Wall Paper

Look up synthesis, synthesised, synthesize, or synthesized in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

I just noticed this question--I guess I missed it when you initially posted it last year! The whole previous unit was thematic--reading the works on education and strengthening a variety of analysis skills (all those lessons are posted in my Education unit here). That being said, these exercises for doing a synthesis essay could be used for any set of readings, or even a set of short ones like they will see on the test--it teaches a nice process.