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I am personally extremely proud to have been associatedwith David and Kristin’sexpansion of some art historical theories into moving images. Perhaps onereason that I worked well with them was that Herbert Eagle had introduced meto the Russian Formalists before I arrived at the University of Wisconsin. Ifind symptomatic criticism (finding subtexts of race, sex, sexual, and classideologies within films) a valuable critical project because I believe that manypeople see such ideologies while watching films. However, I also believethat Neoformalism has the greatest critical scope for describing and analyzingworks of art.

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This book wasthe basis of the NBC movie “Betrayal of Trust.” Watterson’s stories,essays and articles have appeared in The New York Times, ThePhiladelphia Inquirer and The International Herald Tribune,as well as in TriQuarterly, Writers’ Forum, Northeast Corridor, SantaMonica Review, and Fourth Genre.

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