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Little is known about the specific ethics of most of the nativesin the Americas before the Europeans came, because only the Mayansleft writing. Significant exceptions are the Aztecs and Incas,because they developed powerful empires and were conquered bythe Spaniards. Most of the tribes lived simply and cooperatively,probably with fewer ethical violations. All of the Americas hadabout a hundred million people, but less than ten million livednorth of Mexico.

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Itzcoatl initiated the Mexica (Aztec) empire by conqueringCoyoacan, Xochimilco, Cuitlahuac, and the remaining towns in thevalley of Mexico. After conquering Cuernavaca, Itzcoatl died in1440, and Moteuczoma Ilhuicamina was elected king. Moteuczomawas a successful general and also a high priest; he expanded theMexica empire to the Gulf coast and organized botanical and zoologicalgardens. He had campaigned against Chalca to gain victims forhis coronation. When they captured and killed two sons of Nezahualcoyotland prepared for war, the Mexica mobilized every man and boy in1444 and gained the Tepanecs and Acolhuas as allies. The finalbattle was fought on the feast day of the Chalca god Camaxtliso that they would have captives to sacrifice. The victoriousMexica took five hundred prisoners and sacrificed them. The longwar with the Chalca was suspended when the Mexica suffered a greatfamine, though the Mexica found cause to make the Cohuixcas tributariesin 1448. The need for sacrificial victims stimulated the Mexica,Tepanecs, and Acolhuas in the valley to take on the Cholultecs,Tlascaltecs, and Huexotxincas in ritual combats to gain captives.A young man was not really recognized as a warrior until he hadcaptured a soldier by himself, and it took four captures beforehe was considered a veteran.

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The Aztecs settled in what is now Mexico City, while the Incan empire could be found along the Andes Mountains.

DECLINE Both the Aztec and Incan empires were put to an end by foreign travelers, but the Aztecs was much more war-like when the Spaniards came; the Inca simply were unlucky as they were weak due to their ruler's death.