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Even though the effects of consuming large amounts of nicotine in a persons’ system is unknown, the unbanning of electronic cigarettes in Los Angeles decrease the harm second-hand smoke causes as well as the health risks associated with toxic tobacco products such as cancer....

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A ban on smoking in all NHS and government buildings was introduced in January that year. In the wake of that decision, the government announced it would raise the age at which people could buy cigarettes from 16 to 18 from March 2007 in Scotland and from October 2007 in England and Wales. In Northern Ireland the age of sale for tobacco products was raised to 18 in September 2008. A review of the impact of smoke-free legislation, published by the Department of Health in March 2011, concluded that there had been "a significant impact".

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Grill and Voight consider at some length the argument that banning cigarettes would place a significant constraint on the freedom of those who wish to smoke (despite the risk of health problems). According to these two ethicists, the immense benefits for public health that come with banning cigarettes far outweigh the drawbacks of limiting the freedom of a small minority of smokers in society.