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Hi Graham, I heard about your illness just last night from my husband. He was very upset, as he has been a big fan and ferocious reader of your work for several years. I came here looking for an update and I’m glad you are feeling better. Best wishes. Judy

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I wish you the best Graham Hancock!! I can honestly say I love you for the messages you put out, information you provide, and your seemingly insatiable desire to stop at nothing until the truth is found. Although I haven’t read any of your books (can’t afford much atm unfortunately) I will be looking forward to your upcoming book and many more publishings to come. Stay strong, stay focised, and never lose hope. You are loved, and love is the most powerful thought force there is, fuck the haters and the establishment goons who want nothing more than brainwashed sheep.
Got a little off topic there at the end but one more thing, if you can, try to get onto JRE again (the ones with you are my favorites).

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Hi graham
I came across your work when my wife had our first child 5 years ago and I instantly recognised the beauty and purity of your mind and purpose. You have dedicated most of your life to uncovering the truth of man and trying to enlighten the masses who mainly have a western perspective. I believe myself to be a messenger of truth as I have always had an inner guidance and intuition that has led me to the right understanding, people and allowed me to acknowledge them(you) as a part of me. My intuition is telling me that after your near death experience at 17 your third eye was opened which is why you have suffered these migraines for many years.
I have too struggled with opposition my whole life and have used marijuana a lot in trying to deal with my alienation from the general consensus but like you, deep down I know that I will not become the best version of myself until I purify my mind and body. You are an inspiration and are a part of a group of people alive at this time who are the real revolutionaries who forming the foundation to take us into the new golden age- the satya yuga.
All my love and prayers are with you at this time and I would like to assure you that the highest power is behind you at every moment 🕉
Please try to meditate as this will help with your migraines.
Love always Chris (Krishna)

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Hi Graham, sorry to hear about your recent bad health but absolutely delighted that you have pulled through as this world is a far better place with you on it. Maybe the Green Goddess can help once more with the migraines, just a suggestion, God knows she helps me get by. I wish you and your family all the best and I hope you get stronger each day and that you are around for many, many years to come.

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Well congrats on your return to the land of the living! I would like to thank you for everything that you have done to help those of us who are awake in our endeavors to find the truth of our past. I, for one, greatly appreciate your findings,ideas, and thoughts about our origins! There are far too few of exceptional humans like you, whom push the past the very boundaries of absurdity of the “official narrative” that we’ve all been given about our beginnings. You, my friend, have not only opened the door to an entirely new universe of thought and beginnings, but you have opened many, many minds in the process! Thank you, get well soon, and best wishes Mr. Hancock.