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Professor Louis’ selection of essays serves as an intellectual tour de force for understanding the numerous complexities surrounding the final decades of British Imperialism, not least of which proves to be the ascendancy of American power following the Second World War. Moreover, Louis’ reputation as an indefatigable researcher emerges from every page of this monumental tome. With The Ends of British Imperialism , Roger Louis solidifies his place as the foremost historian of the British Empire in his generation.

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In Egypt, the British had become so resented for their racist, arrogant ways that by the early 1950s even Winston Churchill, the grand old imperialist who had returned as prime minister in 1951, felt he could resist the tide of nationalism no more. After 1951 the British were confined to the Suez canal zone, harassed by Egyptian irregulars who wanted them out altogether. By June 1956 the last British soldiers had left even the canal zone.

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Historians date the beginning of British imperialism in the Middle East to 1798, the year Napoleon invaded Egypt

ON JULY 26th 1956 Gamal Abdul Nasser, president of Egypt, addressed a huge crowd in the city of Alexandria. Broad-shouldered, handsome and passionate, Nasser stunned even this gathering of enthusiastic supporters with the vehemence of his diatribe against British imperialism. Britain had ruled Egypt, one way or another, from 1882 to 1922, when the protectorate gained nominal independence, and continued to influence Egyptian affairs thereafter, maintaining troops there and propping up the decadent monarchy overthrown by Nasser in 1952.