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Canadian Humour
A Colony of Great Britain
A Satellite of the United States Canada Firsters were convinced Canada needed
a "distinctive culture" and the "nations geography" made it Northern.
"Great White North"
"Wintry face of Canada"
"Racial Profiling"
"Ethnic Other"
WASP = White Anglo-Saxon Protestant
Dominant Culture Power Brokers = White Male Politicians
English and French Canada
Myth-making, Revolutionary Change
Quiet Revolution in Quebec (Against Catholic Church)
Satirical Interpretations of Quebec Society.
Caricature, The Hecklers
Native peoples vs.

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Regionalism is a predominant characteristic of Canadian Canadian political life, Pathways to Canadian Political Culture political science and economics.

Canadian Cultural Poesis: Essays on Canadian Culture

Aesthetic Nationalism in English-Canadian the regionalism and multiculturalism theory the present essay is propounding, that Canadian audiences.

Canadian identity refers to the unique culture, characteristics and condition of being Canadian, as well as the many symbols and expressions that set Canada.

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Beverly Rasporich National Identity Canada First Movement National Culture and Political Cartooning Laughing at the Americans Is it still funny to laugh at the Americans?
Who is the Audience for American-focussed
humour in Canada today?
Will the majority of Canadians continue to
want a separate identity?

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IRONY- A Canadian Literary Tradition Stephen Leacock (1869-1944)
Bestselling Book on Political Economy
Professor at McGill
Canadas Cultural Elite
Anglo- Canadian Christian
"My Financial Career"
"Little Man" The Trickster:
A New Comic Hero for a Postmodern Age Native Artists
Trickster= "Serious Fun"
A Symbol of Irony
Laughter as Medicine CREDITS: Rasporich, Beverly, "Canadian Humour & National Culture: Move Over Mr.