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The Life-Cycle of Emergence

Stage One: Networks.
We live in a time when coalitions, alliances and networks are forming as the means to create societal change. There are ever more networks and now, networks of networks. These networks are essential for people finding like-minded others, the first stage in the life-cycle of emergence. It's important to note that networks are only the beginning. They are based on self-interest--people usually network together for their own benefit and to develop their own work. Networks tend to have fluid membership; people move in and out of them based on how much they personally benefit from participating.

Stage Two: Communities of Practice

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The arrival of the Georgia colonists in 1733 on the south bank of the SavannahRiver was not in and of itself a significant event in the lives of the southeasternIndians dwelling there. For two centuries before Georgia's founding the Spanish, Frenchand, to a lesser degree, the English explored and settled in the Southeast. The Indians'experience with the Europeans was, overall, devastating to their way of life. Subjected toslavery, unfamiliar disease, fraudulent trade practices and forced assimilation intoforeign cultures, the Indians had little reason to welcome the new settlers.

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Most linguists agree that our methods for reconstruction will take as only as far back as about 5000 - 7000 years; after that, the number of cognate sets available for reconstruction becomes just too low to give results that can be reliably distinguished from chance relationships.