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Make the opportunity work to your advantage by reading all instructions carefully and don’t send along paperwork that wasn’t requested – weird scholarships committees have enough papers to comb through already.

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Prestigious scholarships are known on a national, and often, on an international level. Winning prestigious scholarships not only cover college expenses, but are phenomenal for resumes and future references.

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One of the most notable of these scholarships is the . This scholarship was established in the memory of Lee Frances Heller. Heller was a minister from 1965 to 1985. After Heller retired, she came to terms with her transgender identity. She spent the last 15 years of her life ministering to transgendered men and women.

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To evidence their Christian community leadership skills, applicants must have a ministry reference from someone in their church. Applicants must also write a 100 to 200 word essay on Christian testimony. A second essay must be submitted on the subject of a person who lived in the last century that the applicant would like to spend the day with and why.

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Applicants must be entering or currently enrolled in graduate or undergraduate courses in California, Oregon or Washington. The minimum acceptable GPA for applicants is 3.0. To qualify for the College for Christian Leaders scholarship, students must also provide proof of their need.

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The , formerly known as The Eckmann Foundation, is a non-profit organization founded in 1988. Every year they give a scholarship to reward leaders in the Christian community. And although the scholarship is awarded to a variety of students, special consideration is given to minority students. The scholarship is given to students of any Christian denomination.

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Scholarships for Christian women are often awarded on the merit of deeds more than on the merits of academic achievements. Potential applicants with strong presences in the community or in volunteer organizations often find more options in Christian women’s scholarships even if they do not earn the top grades in their class.

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Christian women who spend time inspiring or uplifting other women will find that there are a number of grants available to them. Those grants may be used to start an organization, fund excursions or pay bills. Scholarships may also be available for women who wish to further their education to continue their inspirational work.