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On Christmas
morning when you present your family with their carefully wrapped packages,
you discover that you are more excited about giving a gift than receiving one; at
least for a minute or two.

For the past few years I have helped my nieces with some of their Christmas

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My name is Steve Black and I am a Lieutenant with the Cornelius Fire Department. I am also the coordinator of our annual Holiday Assistance Program. Along with gathering and distributing toys and food to over 400 people during Christmas time; the firefighters "adopt" several families and take them for a shopping trip using donations and fundraising money. This year we adopted four families and your company was generous enough to allow us to have four Christmas trees with stands. I wanted to express my gratitude for you donation. The families were thrilled to be able to have a Christmas tree this year especially one six year old girl.

Thanks for exemplifying the holiday spirit.
Steve Black
Code Enforcement Officer
City of Cornelius

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In our nation, 1/3rd of all shopping and over 2/3rds of all electrical goods are bought in the period before Christmas....

Now, Christmas decorations are brought out in stores immediately after Halloween; ads promoting holiday and blow-out sales are found in newspapers and on TV, and shopping for presents begins at least one month before Christmas does.

the largest shopping street in Ulm, ..

This is probably going to be the best Christmas that my family and I will ever have because this year we are going to decorate a lot more than we ever did and probably have a lot more fun while decorating. Just yesterday, I went shopping for my best friends and while we were shopping we went to Michaels and I wanted to make a homemade wreath for us to have. We never bought a wreath or never had one cause they are so expensive. So I said to my mom I wanted to make one and she said “OK.” We got Christmas color pom poms, some pine cones that are fake but smell really good, a bow and a foam ring to put the pom poms on. When we went home, I started right away on the wreath.