Citizens And Nation An Essay On History Communication …

The general consensus among American historians is that the American War in Vietnam was a “mistake,” although interpretations differ as to what exactly this means. This essay takes the view that the ‘mistake” was a product of U.S. global ambitions and misperceptions that developed in the aftermath of World War II and were compounded over time. It probes deeply into the origins and nature of the war, making it a long article for a website (about 70,000 words), with about one-third devoted to the antiwar movement at home (Part IV). A half-century of excellent scholarship on the Vietnam War is drawn together and frequently cited in this essay.

Citizens And Nation An Essay On History Communication And Ca

In Gerald Friesen’s book Citizens and Nation, he outlines four major epochs of communication in Canada: the oral-traditional societies of Aboriginal people, textual-settler societies, print-capitalist national societies, and the present-day screen-capitalist societies....

citizens and nation an essay on history communication ..

Citizens and Nation: An Essay on History, Communication, and ..

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