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She teaches graduate research and exercise science courses at Huntington College of Health Sciences and is Head Strength Coach at South Doyle High School.

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He will also highlight some fundamental aspects of planning and monitoring that coaches should consider as they relate to the process of recovery-adaptation.

Accentuated Eccentric Loading for Strength-Power Athletes: Theory and Efficacy
Accentuated eccentric loading (AEL) prescribes eccentric load magnitude in excess of the concentric prescription using movements that require coupled eccentric and concentric actions, with minimal interruptions to the natural mechanics of a given movement (Wagle et al., 2017).

Aaron served as an assistant coach under Dr.

He has formerly held national lead roles as the Head of Human Performance (S&C, science and medicine) with the Rugby Football League and SportScotland's National program manager for Athlete Development.

He has also been an adjunct instructor at his alma mater since 2012.

Prior to this he has been the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach to Widnes Vikings Rugby League Club, and a consultant to a number of high performance organizations, including Manchester Utd, USA Football, IMG Academy, Wimbledon tennis championships and Sports Med Global Human Performance systems (and their clients).

He has also coached university men's soccer teams in USA and Japan.

His research interests include optimal performance models, long-term athlete monitoring, power-based training for cyclists, as well as adaptations to strength and power training.

During the first 6 years at ETSU, Dr.

His latest book on developing athletic movement skills was published in the spring of 2017, and he is regularly in demand to present his work at a number of international conferences.

Stone is also an adjunct professor at the James H.

Bob is a former elite level track cyclist and has also worked with USA Cycling as a coach in various roles since 2003- having served as an Assistant Coach for the US National Track Cycling Team and as a Head Coach for a number of Regional Development/ Talent ID camps over the years.

Wood is an educator, coach, and sport scientist from Knoxville, TN.

Originally from Philadelphia, Bob earned his BS in Exercise Science from Temple University and his MS in Exercise Science from East Stroudsburg University.