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We are all different. You must carry out your own dreams. My dreams include having a good job that saves the world. Others might want to be a rock star or business owner. There is no singular road to success, and we must find our own way. Whether or not you wanna put college on that road is your business. Don’t let anyone make you do something you don’t want to do.

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i dropped out of college after 3 and a half years it was the best decision of my entire life i hated the bullshit. the only reason why i went to college was because i waspresssured to go, i hated my major and after 3 years of the bullshit i was clinicaly depressed. now i have been out of college for 3 years. im an electrician im engaged and currently buying a house. if you dont like college DROP OUT NOW! dont waste your time for a stupid useless peice of paper!

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From 2000 to 2009, college costs skyrocketed 450% or 4.5x, while dinishing in value. When everyone has a college degree, they become less worthwhile to have. Worse, do a google search on “PhD glut”. Why work your ass off for 12 years in High School, and then fork over $200,000 to a college to turn your brain into mush, only to become a drone to military industrial complex or an economic slave. You’ll be working 50 weeks out of the year, with only 2 weeks vacation. What kind of life is that? Its no life. Its death. Death in exchange for money, and not very much money at all.

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i am doing a research paper on this topic and from what ive seen there are so many problems with this topic. Why would you give up on something that can help you through life? I Don’t think anyone should give up on going to college, just find what you want to do with your life and go for it

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I was unprepared and without the support I needed. I went there ready to learn, I got really good grades but I couldn’t fit in. Also I was doing pot at the time (thankfully I quit). It also didn’t help that I have Bi-Polar disorder. I really want to go back to college but this time I want to have the support and preparedness that I was so desperately lacking.

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1. College AIN’T like high school, nor should it be. You’re going to have to make new friends, or learn to get along as a loner. The major you pick, and the college you attend, are key. If you pick business, you are going to be FORCED to do a lot of teaming and networking. If you are in the liberal arts area, you are going to be forced to be a mirror of your professors’ social and political views if you want to “fit in”. If you want to go about your own business and be a loner type, you are probably better off in the sciences or a research oriented field like history. Choose wisely, and NEVER make your choice based on what your FRIENDS are doing. Why? Because you cannot count on them continuing in the program. As any grad will tell you, classmates come and go – continually.

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Online education, which is often referred to as distance learning, has had many opinions and untruthful statements accused of it. It is your chioce alone to form your opinion of online colleges. College may not be for some people but you can always find ways to make it work for you! Only schedule classes one or two days a week (if applicable) Only take one class at a time if you are extremely busy. Choose courses that have a good student to professor ratio. The less students in class the more time the professor has to focus on you. The main idea that I am trying to get across to you is that college can work for everyone. There are various programs and types of schools to chose from and you should compare and contrast each one. Take your time to choose what is right for you but do not wait to the last minute to apply for loans and other means of paying for college.