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Well, I'm sorry for your brother. But, video games are not always bad. It depends on the type of the video game you play. If your brother is playing shooter games, like Call Of Duty, or Battlefield, he can get very aggressive because of semi-traumatizing experience in those games. I will take myself as an example: I play constructive games, which require thinking and which are mildly, or not violent at all. I can call myself a very active gamer, but I still have time to go out with my friends. Is your brother depressed? When I was depressed, I was spending almost all of my time playing computer games, just trying to escape the cruel and painful reality (Check my post in "Have you ever been bullied").

Computer games are very bad for people and they cause a lot of problems

Computer games arevery popular with young people, but theyare also controversial. Forexample, opponents argue that they are harmful to brain development,cause children to neglect reading and encourage violent or anti-socialbehaviour. Supporters, however, claim that the games help to developadvanced thinking skills and are often played cooperatively rather thanalone. What is the truth of the matter? Your task in this assignment isto find out.

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