Plymouth mum who crippled Royal Marine died ..

Before the novel begins, Johnny has been beaten up by the Socs for no reason. As a result, he is constantly nervous, afraid of being hurt again. By nature, Johnny is not prone to violence; in fact, he is a very mild and decent teenager, just like Pony. But he now carries a switchblade for self-defense. When he and Pony are jumped by the Socs in the park, Johnny uses his switchblade to defend himself. In the fighting that ensues, he stabs and kills Bob. Pony is in shock to see Bob lying dead on the ground, knowing that Johnny has killed him. After the murder, Johnny, who is usually meek and mild, takes control, for Pony is paralyzed with fear. He suggests that they go and find Dally to get help. Johnny then follows Dally’s instructions, taking Pony with him to jump a freight train to Windrixville. During the train trip, it is Johnny who stays awake in the boxcar and gets Pony up when it is time to jump off the train. Even when they reach the comparative safety of the abandoned church, Johnny is the one who ventures out to purchase supplies; he is also the one who thinks of cutting their hair in order to disguise their appearance. Though Johnny is as frightened as Pony, he becomes the provider and comforter.

A Question of Class by Dorothy Allison - History Is A …

Scout and Jem's father, Atticus, was a lawyer who fought a hopeless case for Tom Robinson, a crippled African-American man accused of raping a local white woman....

Confessions of a Failed Self-Help Guru - Narratively

After the death of their mother and the arrival of Juan, a lower class teenager, the brother and sister clash about life, love and family.

Admittedly, not many people have rescued a crippled virgin from a witch’s coven. Andespecially not one who was about to be burned alive in a telephone booth!