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Harding says relieved him of any desire to read them, is that they offer readers a humorous refuge from an uncertain world. In his article "'Regulated Hatred': An Aspect in the Work of Jane Austen," Harding claims that this impression is misleading and that Jane Austen is actually very critical of her society, covertly expressing downright hatred for certain members of it by means of caricature. Mrs....

Bennet of Pride and Prejudice The general impression of Austen's novels, which critic D.

wo great female writers died prematurely in 1817, just two hundred years ago: one in relative obscurity in Winchester, in the heart of traditional southern England, the other at the peak of her fame in Paris. Jane Austen (1775–1817) and Germaine Necker de Staël (1766–1817) were great personalities, great writers, and influential moralists. In the light of our long-overdue exposure of “sexploitation” scandals, with their dramatic and hygienic revelations about the long-accepted dirty secret of the sexual exploitation of women, both these women deserve renewed attention as pioneering witnesses and rebels against systematic injustices that still afflict many women throughout the world, in ways blatant and obvious (the Islamic and Hindu worlds) and more subtle but pervasive, in varying degrees (everywhere else).

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Jane Austen¹s irony is devastating in its exposure of foolishness and hypocrisy.

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