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When you eventually do develop the thesis into an introduction for your essay, remember to phrase it in an arguable form. If you shrink from beginning an essay with a statement such as "In this essay I will argue that Fitzgerald uses the color green in to symbolize hope, envy, and the future." your instincts are good. Such a sentence is not a thesis: it is an announcement of the paper's topic. Instead, try to make a direct statement about how or why Fitzgerald uses the symbol, along the lines of the examples I proposed above. This would be a debatable statement, and therefore a thesis or an argument. But it doesn't need a label like, "My thesis is x" or "In this essay I will argue y." In a short critical paper, self-reference isn't necessary and can sometimes be too obvious.

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The chapter in this book on "The Perspectives of Literary Criticism" will guide you in more detail through the specifics of the various current strategies (see box for brief definitions). For the purpose of writing an interpretive essay, though, it's a good idea to try to determine which strategies are operating in the class you are taking. Does the professor rely exclusively on a Marxist or a Freudian model of interpretation? Does she introduce elements of these schools of thought in combination with other strategies? Does he treat texts as products of their historical context, or approach them as timeless structures? When the instructor does "close readings" of texts, does she look (as formalists do) for unity and coherence of meaning, or does she point out (as deconstructionists do) ways in which parts of the text irreconcilably contradict one another? You need not use the same interpretive strategies your professor is using: remember, though, that you should try to be explicit about how you reach your conclusions on the text's meaning, especially if your strategy is different from that of your intended reader.

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The critical success factors help an organization and its workers to identify certain reference points that will direct them towards the goal and objective, and measure the success of the project or business....

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For the risk management strategies to work successfully it must be applied in an organization on a continuous base, and the best way to achieve this is to incorporate critical success factors that ensure that the strategies are implemented using a structured approach.

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This is not to say, however, that you shouldn't use the word "I." Not every professor would agree with me, but I think you should use it. Why pretend to be objective? Since your argument depends in every way on your selections-of a topic, of examples, of interpretive strategies-it has to reflect you, and it should be written in a voice that is recognizably yours. If you are making a statement that refers to your own experience, your own feeling, your own judgement, it only makes sense to attribute it to yourself. Remember, however, that (unless you are writing a particularly subjective kind of reader-response criticism) you are not the topic of the paper, even if you are its "subject": the poem, play, story, or novel is the object you have in view, and your essay should focus attention on the text, rather than on itself. And even if you can't be objective as you write about a text, you can and should be logical. Try, therefore, not to fall back on using "I" as an excuse for faulty reasoning: rather than using disclaimers such as "I'm not really sure, but I get the feeling that Fitzgerald is trying to say something about the American Dream. work on figuring out x; what you do think about the topic and presenting appropriate evidence to support your idea.

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When you think you know what you want to argue, write the thesis out in as coherent a form as possible. You may not want to state it so directly in your essay, but you should have a firm, idea of it in your own mind and in your notes. This is as true for someone writing a scholarly book as for someone writing a critical essay: you need a clear, interesting answer to the question, "What’s it about and why does it matter?"