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They deceptively pose a Hamlet’s friends in order to ‘glean’ what they can from Hamlet’s melancholy so they can ingratiate themselves with Claudius.

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Claudius praises Laertes: ‘Now you speak like a good child and true gentleman’. He deceptively tells Laertes that he must not get involved because of the great love that Hamlet’s mother bears him.

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Playing a major role in Hamlet, deception is the reason behind many of the action scenes in the play.

Hamlet is also guilty of deception. He secretly desires revenge, and plots and schemes behind others' backs. He feigns madness and puts on a play for the purpose of trapping Claudius.

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This destructive lie on Hamlet’s part only serves to compound the growing distance between Hamlet and his mother.

In conclusion, the theme of deception and its destructive power is an integral part of the play.

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Aside from Hamlet, the other characters use deception as well, such as Ophelia’s outright lie to Hamlet and Polonius sending his servant to spy on his son.

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However, we are cognisant of the destructiveness of this deception on Hamlet as he is made to feel like a ‘whore, must unpack my heart with words, and fall a-cursing like a drab, a scullion’. Hamlet’s feigned madness wounds his mother’s as she begs him to stop: ‘O Hamlet!

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It's the ultimate deception; the truth disguised to expose a liar, and it works just as Hamlet hopes it would, proving Claudius' guilt once and for all.

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From here, Hamlet's uncertainty and suicidal fretting drive the play, but the tendrils of duplicity and malfeasance laid down by the first few acts still have a few victims to claim...
Deception runs deep in this play - especially when it comes to Hamlet himself.

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Hamlet indifferently remarks that: ‘why they did make love to their employment’.

Another creature of deception and duplicity is Polonius.