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Here are rudimentary characterizations of some familiar types ofexperience. Each sentence is a simple form of phenomenologicaldescription, articulating in everyday English the structure of the typeof experience so described. The subject term “I” indicates thefirst-person structure of the experience: the intentionality proceedsfrom the subject. The verb indicates the type of intentional activitydescribed: perception, thought, imagination, etc. Of central importanceis the way that objects of awareness are presented or intended in ourexperiences, especially, the way we see or conceive or think aboutobjects. The direct-object expression (“that fishing boat off thecoast”) articulates the mode of presentation of the object in theexperience: the content or meaning of the experience, the core of whatHusserl called noema. In effect, the object-phrase expresses the noemaof the act described, that is, to the extent that language hasappropriate expressive power. The overall form of the given sentencearticulates the basic form of intentionality in the experience:subject-act-content-object.

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It is the function of descriptiveessay to provide detailed descriptions and observations of thesubject matter that are being considered. The details are required tobe comprehensive, so much so that it will create a vividrepresentation of the person, place or thing in the mind of thereader. While a narrative essay unfolds the meaning and purpose ofwriting through a special story, the aim of a good descriptive essayis to furnish the write-up with picturesque descriptions by means ofpowerful language and sensory details.

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If a descriptive essay fails toevoke in the mind of the reader what the writer has in his, then thereader will drift away from it with a feeling of dissatisfaction. Theessay would collapse due to its inability to make the reader feelthat he/she has met a particular person, been to a certain place orcame across a specific object. However, the purpose of the essay isnot served until or unless the reader's emotions are tied to thesubject. The essay must make the reader understand why the existenceof the subject should be acknowledged.