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From professional sports teams such as the Women's National Basketball Association down through college, high school, and even elementary age teams, women are fighting for equality in a variety of sports activities....

Right now the market for women's professional sports is growing rapidly.

AIAW Women have faced an uphill battle throughout the history of sports whether it is to be able to compete in sports, to attain equal funding for programs, to have access to facilities, or a number of other obstacles that have been thrown in their ways.

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"We want so much to see sports solely as an arena of play, not seriousness.

Extreme sports such as sky diving and skiing are very dangerous and should be banned. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view? pros and cons of extreme/adventure sports PTE essay Sports are supposed to be enjoyable but nowadays, it is very common to hear that somebody broke the world record and on many occasions, sports are used to create awareness of potential dangers. The world interestingly wants to watch something different from their normal life. The […]

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To deepen our understanding of the cultural values embedded in sports and to explore current values and power structures regarding men and women, it is necessary to investigate the effect that the medi...

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There are several drawbacks for countries where major sports events take place. Firstly, there is a notable security threat to the host country due to the sudden influx of people from across the globe, which makes it harder to undergo a thorough security check on all of them. Additionally, the venues of the events may be targeted by terrorist groups. Secondly, many fans often choose to use drugs while watching their favourite events. Intoxicated fans could over-react, which may lead to problems such as fights and other illegal actions. Nevertheless, I believe such negative consequences can be overcome by increasing security measures.

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The progress that women have made in sport in the United States over the course of the last 100 years seems remarkable for the amount achieved in so little time.

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As most success in sport leagues, teams and associations are measured by longevity, win/loss records, and most importantly, revenue, the footprint of female competition at the professional level has not been paramount at any point in our history.

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It was, “at some point lost in the smog of the 19th century, sports went from being officially a bad thing to being a very good thing indeed, virtually a pillar of state.” (Sheed) The world has since become sports obsessed, and for good reason.