The long-term effects of divorce onchildren: A review.

TheLong-term effects ofdivorce in young children can range from very mild insecurities toenormousdisturbances. Every child’s is unique in its own way. The factors arenumerous,whether it is their parents, environment, schooling, siblings, extendedfamily,and etc. All these factors have an impact on how a child will beaffected by adivorce. The parents may be able to produce a good transition, or theteachermay recognize the problem at home and make sure the child does not fallinschool, or the extended family could be the support for the children intheirtime of need. No matter what the influences there are many people thatbelievethat there are certain affects that cannot be avoided.

Long-termeffects of divorce and remarriage on the adjustment of children.

In a recentmeta-analysis, Amato and Keith (1991) compared the relative efficacy of three variables(parental absence, economic disadvantage, and parental conflict) to mediate the effects ofdivorce on children's adjustment.

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The effects of divorce and maternal employment on the home environments of preschoolchildren.

Wecannot say that theseare short-term effects on a child because something like divorce canand doeschange the perspective of a person for the rest of their lives. Theeffects mayonly show for a short period of time or at least until the child learnstoaccept the divorce, but some effects are always long term.

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Parental Absence is usually the main cause of any effect onchildren. This occurs because of the “loss of time, assistance, and affectionprovided bythe noncustodial parent” (Amato, 2000). The loss of time comesfrom thechildren not being able to spend as much time with the parent as theywouldusually do. Assistance usually comes from the things they woulddotogether and what the parent would help the child with. The lastone isthe lack of affection, and that happens because when the parent leaves,thechildren often blame the divorce on themselves. They often tendto thinkthat the parent left them as well as their custodial parent; thereforetheyfeel a lack of love.

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Eventhough we alwaysrelate the effects of certain topics negatively, there are alwayspositiveeffects in every situation especially in a topic like divorce and theeffectsit has on children. A child could possibly become more productive inschoolbecause there isn’t so much trouble at home. This is because there ismore timewith the single parent to ask for help with homework or just tocommunicate,which is if the adult is willing to communicate. Throughout lifechildren couldlearn from the mistakes that his or her parents made. If the parentsdid notget along, the child would end up marrying a really close friendbecause theywill get along and they have gotten along for the longest period oftime.

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Theshort-term effects ona child after the divorce of parents are not always easy. There aredifferenteffects on a child depending on the reason for the divorce. Sometimeschildrenunderstand more than adults might give them credit for. Children learnnot onlyfrom what they hear, but also from what they see. Children understandthedifference between happiness and sadness, so when they see anotherfamilysmiling and they see their own family frowning with tears in theireyes, theystart understanding the reason behind their parents’ divorce. When thedivorceis the result of the unhappiness, which it normally is, the childrenbecomeunhappy.