licensed professional engineers

(2) Lay out the facts for all sides of the problem as clearly as you can. What is the nature of the dilemma? Were any elements unknown or uncertain to different stakeholders at the time, which may have had a bearing on the dilemma?

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An introductory seminar on specific multi-disciplinary or interdisciplinary engineering topics for MS or HS teachers. Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree or permission of the instructor.

licensed professional engineers

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Our central goal is to help foster ethical awareness, broadly understood to include safety, health, environmental, and social dimensions, in the next generation of engineers. We focus on emerging technologies, especially nanotechnology. Another goal is to recruit, engage, prepare, and encourage students from traditionally underrepresented groups to careers in science and engineering, with a focus on nanotechnology. A third goal is to keep students engaged: research suggests that many students—enough to stem the shortfall of US engineers—who originally intend to pursue science or engineering switch to nonscientific fields.

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The ethical challenge concludes with case studies and a general awareness of a crisis in ethics that can be stated as the following question: How can we foster and provide meaning and purpose for all individuals, no matter their talent, motivation, or status, given an increasingly materialist worldview and the individual’s shrinking importance within it; that is, given an ethical worldview based on reason alone? This is the modern ethical conundrum, the moral challenge that confronts the current and probably the next generation. If the supremacy of reason—both in science and in the conduct of human affairs—is a necessary condition for a moral and ethical society in the modern world, it remains an insufficient one. In addition to a code of ethics that puts this necessary condition into words, a healthy democratic republic must also allow and promote a diverse array of belief producing individuals who are motivated to strive for excellence in all areas of life; who reject absolutisms or fanatic ideologies that lead to violence; who both accept and heed their profession’s code of ethics in principle and in practice; and, just as importantly, who accept some degree of

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In other words, the nurse did not need to prove that thepatient was actually abused; the state government does not needto investigate and conclude that actual abuse occurred.

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The hospital interpreted her refusal "as a voluntary resignation of her employment."A jury found that the nurse had been wrongfully discharged andawarded her $ 39,344 in lost earnings, which was upheld by the SupremeCourt of Wisconsin.