According to Epicurus, a good life is to live in happiness

In such a situation, the logical question arises: how than tranquility and freedom from fear can be achieved. Epicurus argue that the tranquility and freedom from fear can be achieved through the concentration of an individual on a balanced life, which should be filled with material and sensual pleasures. In other words, according to Epicurus, people should focus on the satisfaction of their desires and interests. However, it is important to underline that he insisted on the necessity to limit sensual pleasures and recommended finding the balance. To put it more precisely, he argued that pleasures should not be excessive. For instance, eating could bring an individual a lot of pleasure and Epicurus argued that it is a good way to enjoy the life and please human desires. On the other hand, he warned that excessive eating, for instance, could lead to the dissatisfaction in the future, such as a grim realization that one cannot afford such delicacies in the future. In fact, he views other pleasures in the similar way. For instance, he argued that sex can contribute to the happiness of individual through the satisfaction of his natural desires and instincts. But at the same time, Epicurus warned that sex should not be excessive since, in such a case, it could lead to the increased lust and dissatisfaction with the partner (Stevenson, 252).

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It is worth mentioning fundamental postulate of Epicurean philosophy – the freedom from fear. In fact, Epicurus believed that tranquility is impossible when an individual cannot cope with his fears, which slowly poison his life (Long & Sedley, 310). Basically, the fear was one of the major challenges to the happiness of an individual, according to Epicurus. On the contrary, the freedom from fear could lean an individual to happiness because he would have nothing to disturb about and nothing to fear.

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Finally, it is important to underline the fact that the focus of Epicurus on the materialism and his denial of the significance of the divine impact on human life and actions contributed to the emergence of the idea of the social contract. In fact, it is possible to estimate that Epicureanism created the foundation for the social contract, because this philosophy implied the mutual agreement between people, and not divine decree that actually defines the relationship between people in the society. In such a way, in terms of Epicurean philosophy it is possible to achieve tranquility, freedom of fears, and balance when the entire society lives in agreement and there are no conflicts between members of society. In this respect, the elements of asceticism, which can be traced in Epicurean philosophy, prove to be very helpful for the establishment of the social contract. Obviously, the ability of an individual to self-restrictions will naturally contribute to the successful mutual agreement between all members of the society and, thus, to the social contract.