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Government and the authority of the state may also be based on implied contract (the "social contract"), not because the contractors are incompetent (although children born into the state actually are), but because the authority of the state is merely derived from the need, for all and against all, to enforce rights of person, property, and contract and to punish wrongs of negligence, violence, and fraud.

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For man doth not seem to rest satisfied, either with fruition of that wherewith his life is preserved, or with performance of such actions as advance him most deservedly in estimation; but doth further cover, yea oftentimes manifestly pursue with great sedulity and earnestness, that which cannot stand him in any stead for vital use; that which exceedeth the reach of sense;yea somewhat above capacity of reason, somewhat divine and heavenly, which with hidden exultation it rather surmiseth than conceiveth; somewhat it seeketh, and what that is directly it knoweth not, yet very intentive desire thereof doth so incite it, that all other known delights and pleasures are laid aside, they give place to the search of this but only suspected desire. If the soul of man did serve only to give him being in this life, then things appertaining unto this life would content him, as we see they do other creatures; which creatures enjoying what they live by seek no further, but in this contentation do shew a kind of acknowledgment that there is no higher good which doth any way belong unto them. With us it otherwise.

Nevertheless, the bailouts happened.

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Nelson's theory, nevertheless, is both because every action then becomes a moral issue, where the "preponderating interest" must be calculated, and because it can make some non-moral interest of others into the consideration which determines moral action, for there is nothing to prevent the "preponderating interest" from being a non-moral interest.

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Moral duty also forbids wrongs of -- or posits (or duties to act) -- requiring positive actions for the sake of another because of contract (see ) or where fundamental interests, such as life and limb, are endangered.

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In 2009, when Sarah Palin labelled such a board a "death panel," this was protested as a distortion or even a lie; but limiting the care of the elderly, especially terminal care, had long been advocated.

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Whereas the dynamic of markets is to decrease costs and increase quality by investment in innovation and productivity, the political approach to limiting costs is (tempered, of course, by political favoritism).

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In 1984, Richard Lamm, the Democrat Governor of Colorado (1975–1987), had famously said, "We've got a duty to die and get out of the way with all of our machines and artificial hearts and everything else like that and let the other society, our kids, build a reasonable life."The IPAB is supposed to achieve savings in Medicare spending "without affecting coverage or quality," but it simply will be able to limit spending without limiting care through rationing.

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They imitate the proud man without being like him, and this they do where they can; so they do not act virtuously, but they do despise others. For the proud man despises justly (since he thinks truly), but the many do so at random.