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For example, this image was used during World War I: Since women combatants were not allowed until the Persian Gulf War, it was common for images like these to surface during both World Wars. As Robin Blaetz has pointed out: “The domestication and infantilization that characterized representations of Joan of Arc after World War II simply became irrelevant as women armed themselves for battle” (Blaetz 182). This is a logical observation, for if a woman could go to battle, then why would she need to look at these images of Joan depicted as a stay-at-home war supporter she is a soldier now.

The latest film about Joan is The Messenger (1999) This movie practically abandons the issue of women in war to focus on Joan’s psychological state and her supernatural visions. Some issues arise as to why this would be the focus, such as perhaps the director felt that it was so remarkable that a woman, a nineteen year old one at that, could take such command in her time, and her victories be remembered for hundreds of years, that they felt perhaps something was wrong with her rather than special.

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In French, Joan of Arc is also known as Jeanne d’Arc or as la Pucelle d’Orléans (the Maid of Orleans). She was born at Domremy, France, on or about January 6, 1412. Her family members were peasants. She took care of the animals on the farm, and she was good at sewing and spinning. Joan never went to school, and she was very religious.

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Joan of Arc
I do not understand who she really was or what she really did. But the French use her as a symbol for everything. I'm guessing there's a lot of feminism classes at L'Ecole about Joan d'Arc and returning the gaze.