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English 101 helped me get out of my comfort zone of writing the standard five paragraph essay and helped me develop a writing style that is more advanced and useful for college writing and beyond.

A quote by Kristen Dombek and Scott Herndon summarize writing the first English 101 essay nicely.

Doing this issue, situation and question assignment was very useful with developing a good question that we could write an entire essay on.
My Experience
In English 101 you will be expected to participate in this class as though it is a participatory culture.

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Critical Inquiry Essay 1: Joining the ConversationDeveloping my first English 101 essay was no easy task.

I started out with a weak understanding of how to write a college paper, but as time went by I slowly climbed my way into a better understanding of the literary requirments of a college essay.
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Participatory Culture
English 101 is based around working with participatory cultures as well as being a member within one.