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Food safety and production is an issue that I hold very near to my heart, and this documentary discusses this. goes into detail about how the food industry has become oligopolistic, that is, run by just a few major companies. This is because those companies have developed some sort of edge - via technology, marketing, etc. - which has allowed them to become very successful. Due to this success, they seek out large-scale providers of ingredients necessary to make their products and control the quality of those products, forcing smaller businesses with less say in the matter to comply. This sort of corruption is similar to what has occurred with genetic engineering. I have written multiple papers on the topic, including one last semester, and through my research I have found that the situation is very much the same. In that market, "big buck" companies develop and patent genetically engineered seeds which are in high demand. Due to the patents, however, small farmers cannot compete and are often run out of business because the products they can provide are not in high demand.

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This documentary has presented issues which relate to classes I have taken in the past, but they relate to Science and Global Change as well. One of these issues relates to climate change. The aforementioned massive corporations only produce mostly-corn-fed animals. In order to produce the corn necessary to feed these animals, the corn must be planted, fertilized, harvested, and transported, and all of these actions contribute to global warming through the production of greenhouse gases. Also, many major production animals such as cattle are not "designed" evolutionarily to efficiently consume and digest corn. They most efficiently digest forage. This indigestion causes for an increased production of gases, particularly methane. This is already known to be a greenhouse gas with a large impact on climate change and global warming. A large portion of Science and Global Change's curriculum for this semester consisted of learning about how human action is impacting our Earth's climate. relates to this in that it discusses how society's actions pertaining to food production are detrimental to our planet.