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To wit, there is at least one legal opinion from a major law firm (prepared for a group of day schools) that concludes that female Judaic studies teachers typically qualify for parsonage. In addition, in a 2009 memorandum to its day school principals and administrators, concluded that it is reasonable for a school to pay a parsonage allowance to a female limudei kodesh teacher who performs clearly religious functions–davening with students, teaching Limudei Kodesh, and providing religious counseling.

essay on teachers day in kannada language.

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Here’s a little-discussed idea that has the potential to save day schools and/or their teachers some money—allowing certain female Judaic studies teachers to treat part of their income as non-taxable parsonage. This is a benefit already widely available to rabbis, all of whom are men in Orthodox day schools. According to legal and halakhic scholar , “there is now ample foundation for women who hold a certificate as a teacher or a certificate of advanced knowledge in Jewish law and who teach Jewish subjects in a yeshiva, to be given parsonage by their home institution”.