Interp: Estimate interpolated from adjacent population estimates.

Although population is considered one of the greatest problems of Bangladesh, it cannot be solved by the government alone. All the people have to be firmly committed to birth control and grow more food at the same time. No improvement is possible unless this problem is solved. We, therefore, place significant emphasis upon the solution to this problem afflicting the whole nation.

With regard to the Old Testament and the time period betweenAdam and Noah, Morris says,
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We all should come forward to control it. The government of Bangladesh has already taken a number of steps regarding the issue. In order to overcome this problem, we may follow the following rules. Each family must not have more than two children. Then each family will be planned. Each family should be made aware of the gravity of the problem.


Update: Growth Rate Slowing; Global Population in 2002 Tops6.2 Billion, Reports Census Bureau
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In simplified models, which assume random mating, the averagenumber of generations back to a universal common ancestor hasbeen estimated to be around log2n, where n is the population size. So if,for instance, the present-day population were to consist of 1,000people, the average number of generations back to the universalancestor would be log2(1,000) " about 10 generations. Forpopulations of size 106, or the present human populationof size 6 x 109, it would be 20 or 33 generations,corresponding to 500 or a bit more than 800 years, respectively(assuming a generation time of 25 years). This is surprisinglyrecent.

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Industrial countries agreed at Cairo to provide one third ofthe funds, with the developing countries providing the remainingtwo thirds. While developing countries have largely honored theircommitments, the industrial countries, importantly the UnitedStates, have reneged on theirs. In late 1998, the U.S. Congresswithdrew all funding for the U.N. Population Fund, the principalsource of international family planning assistance.

Consequences of Population Growth

One of the keys to helping countries slow population growthis expanded international assistance for reproductive health andfamily planning. At the U.N.’s Conference on Population andDevelopment held in Cairo in 1994, it was estimated that the annualcost of providing quality reproductive health services to allthose in need in developing countries would cost $17 billion inthe year 2000. By 2015, this would climb to $22 billion.

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As U.N. delegates prepare in June, 1999 to evaluate the progressmade since the 1994 Cairo conference, there is a desperate needfor leadership in stabilizing world population as soon as possible,Brown emphasizes.

Whatever happend to Zero Population Growth (ZPG)?

"In a country where 53 percent of all children are alreadymalnourished and underweight, a shrinking harvest could increasehunger-related deaths," says Brown. In contrast to AIDS,which takes a heavy toll of young adults, hunger claims mostlyinfants and children.