professional essay on 'The Three Strangers' by Thomas Hardy

From the odd arrival of three strangers in one night, and the characteristics each displays, once we are met with how things conclude we realize the small hints that had it result the way it did.

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5. Of the same kind of correspondence is the curious letter to Mr. Bold, in 1699, which is also inserted in the 9th volume, p. 315, as corrected from the original. Mr. Bold, in 1699, set forth a piece, entitled, Some Considerations on the principal Objections and Arguments which have been published against Mr. Locke’s Essay; and added in a collection of tracts, published 1706, three defences of his Reasonableness of Christianity; with a large discourse concerning the Resurrection of the same Body, and two letters on the Necessary Immateriality of created thinking Substance.

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Your odds of getting three honest people are much lower.Some computer systems rely on the kindness of strangers, too.

overall theme "peole constantly change so don't ever think you fully know someone."
Demonstrative Essay
By: Noelle, Naomi, Athea, Alliea
Plot & Structure

Taken place in 1840 (March 28)
Beginning of the story relates to the elderly ages of England with a sign of relevancy
"lonely cottage" aka Higher Crownstairs was really only 5 miles from a county-town just to elaborate the size of England in 1840.