One of these inventions is hybrid cars.

Safety and security is yet another critical issue that is tackled more effectively in hybrid vehicles compared with gas powered vehicles. As already discussed, hybrid vehicles provides a delicate, yet the best combination of normal car with electric cars. Hybrid electric vehicles are as safe as other vehicles, offer more reliability and comfort. Spending just extra money at the time of purchase stage means more cost saving at the post-purchase stage supported with high standards of performance and more importantly safety. (Nerad, 201-205)

An upcoming and improving invention that has become very popular is hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars have surpassed many feats as it's progressed through the years, such as increased gas mileage and reducing the pollutants that regular internal combustion engines expel....

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Many people know about hybrid cars, but just as many people don’t know exactly how they work....

A steam-powered motor carriage was used in France in the eighteenth century. In the next century, a car with electric motor was assembled in England. By the end of nineteenth century, hundreds of electric cars were being used in the United States. A significant development occurred when Porsche- a German- invented a hybrid when he used an internal combustion engine and then combined it with an electric motor. This is recorded as the first hybrid car in the history. Later, in the start of twentieth century, Henry Ford- father of automobile industry- developed the first assembly line manufacturing plant to facilitate the production of gas-powered car. (Anderson 134-45)

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However the truth is that Hybrid cars are not that good because of the following reasons; first hybrid cars are more expensive than the normal version of the same cars, second, hybrid cars does not help very much in saving money compared to the gas cars and third, the hybrid cars has negative environmental impacts....

The first real hybrid car was produced in 1902 by Woods Phaeton

In a short essay published in 1970, the British architect David Greene suggested that his colleagues pay more attention to cars. “A traffic jam is a collection of rooms,” he explained, and “so is a car park — they are really instantly formed and constantly changing communities.” It was a memorable observation that nonetheless would surprise few teenagers, who long ago embraced the transformative notion that cars are not just rooms, but rooms they can control.

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Major developments in hybrid cars were recorded when General Motors conducted experiments to produce hybrid cars on commercial basis. They tested by using electricity at 13 mpg and then utilized gas engine reaching up to 40 mpg. The 1973 energy crisis necessitated the introduction of alternative ways relying less on oil and gas. After continuous research and development; GM, Ford, Chrysler, and the Department of Energy entered into a contract to initiate a program to produce 'Hybrid Electric Vehicle' (HEV). Objective of this joint venture was to create efficient as well as cost-effective vehicles that are safe to use and also address environmental concerns. After the failure of electric cars, car-manufacturers concentrated more on using HEV program to produce vehicles. The first hybrid vehicle was marketed in the United States in the year 2000 by Toyota- the Japanese automobile giant- named as 'Pirus'. (Anderson 134-45)

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Due to its acceptance by a large segment of American people, government has introduced tax incentives on purchasing hybrid cars. One of the main reasons for these incentives is its low gas emissions, helping in going green. It is pertinent to mention that higher the car is fuel-efficient and the more it is cost-effective in its life time, higher are the tax incentives on hybrid cars. It should, however, be noted that these tax-credits are due to expire after the year 2010. Furthermore, the tax credits are applicable to those HEV vehicles that are equipped with the modern technology burning less gas and also powered by fuel cells. For this purpose certain standards have been set by the government regarding specific emissions, so these standards should be met for enjoying tax credit. (Anderson 134-45)