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Wow! What an broad-reaching, informative, and fact-filled essay this is. Thanks for providing so much thought-provoking information on parallels between moral disengagement regarding governmental aggression and moral disengagement re: family violence.

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For if we admit that with all our thoughts is harmonically combined amovement in the organs of the body, we will easily comprehend how tothis sudden transposition of the mind, now to one now to anotherstandpoint in order to contemplate its object, may correspond analternating tension and relaxation of the elastic portions of ourintestines which communicates itself to the diaphragm (like that whichticklish people feel). In connection with this the lungs expel the airat rapidly succeeding intervals, and thus bring about a movementbeneficial to health; which alone, and not what precedes it in themind, is the proper cause of the gratification in a thought that atbottom represents nothing.

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At least some people, too, laugh at themselves—not a formerstate of themselves, but what is happening now. If I search high andlow for my eyeglasses only to find them on my head, the SuperiorityTheory seems unable to explain my laughter at myself.

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These do not seem to vent emotions that had built up before we readthem, and they do not seem to evoke emotions and then render themsuperfluous. So whatever energy is expended in laughing at them doesnot seem to be superfluous energy being vented. In fact, the wholehydraulic model of the nervous system on which the Relief Theory isbased seems outdated.

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Disengagement theory does not depend on culture, race, etc...

-Activity theory emphasizes the importance of ongoing social activity.
-To maintain a positive sense of self the person must substitute new roles for those that are lost because of age.

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In response to the Moral disengagement – Introduction (August 30th 2012) and Euphemistic labeling (Moral disengagement, part 3) blog posts, I have used the text Family Violence in the United States and Family Violence in a cultural Perspective to reveal ramifications of exposure to mechanisms of moral disengagement in correlation to child sexual abuse.

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An Indian at the table of an Englishman in Surat, when he saw a bottleof ale opened and all the beer turned into froth and overflowing,testified his great astonishment with many exclamations. When theEnglishman asked him, “What is there in this to astonish you somuch?” he answered, “I am not at all astonished that itshould flow out, but I do wonder how you ever got it in.”

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complete disengagement: is when both the individual and society are ready for disengagement, When neither are ready, continuing engagement results.