Everybody deserves a second chance essay

And then I thought about Mr. Clinton rising steadily through his political career, on the track we have built for charismatic, competent white men. He must have known, every second, how good his wife was. Not just good, but “the best.” Better than everyone he’d ever met; better than him, even. And he watched her stand next to him and wait, and wait, and wait, underestimated and degraded and excoriated for wanting more out of life than cookies.

Everyone deserves a second chance essay

If we know what we are fighting for, then we can drive confidently toward a victorious conclusion and, what's more, have at least an even chance of establishing a workable Peace.

Furthermore - and this is an extraordinary and profoundly historical fact which deserves to be examined in detail - America and only America can effectively state the war aims of this war.
Almost every expert will agree that Britain cannot win complete victory -cannot even, in the common saying, "stop Hitler" - without American help.

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Such a case in sports occurred in a college football game between Coloradoand Missouri, in which Colorado (vying for a national championship thatyear, and undefeated late in the season) was accidentally given five downsto score a touchdown to win as time ran out in the game. In other words,Colorado, was given an extra play by mistake, and they came from behindto score on that extra play. The mistake was discovered after the gamewas over. What muddied the waters in this case though was that Colorado"wasted" the actual fourth down by grounding the ball to stop the clockinstead of running a "real" play to try to score. They grounded the ballbecause the down marker and the officials called it third down. They scoredon the next play. Colorado's argument, of course, is that they would haveused what turned out to be their fifth play, or some play, on the fourthdown if they had not been told the fourth down was third down. (Althoughat least one major NCAA team once ended their chance of winning a gameby grounding the ball on fourth down in order to stop the clock -- beingso concerned about the clock, they forgot they would be giving up the ballon downs.) But with only a few seconds to have chosen and begun such aplay before the game ended, it is not clear they could have been likelysuccessful. No one will ever know what would have happened had the downmarkers been correct. But the NCAA felt compelled to choose a winner forthe game. Perhaps they should not have. They chose Colorado, but I understandthat Missouri records it as a win in their own record books. But it isa situation where there is no good answer, and no right answer, in termsof awarding a win or a loss (or even a tie, since the game was not tiedprior to the flawed touchdown). Perhaps it should have been ruled to bean "inconclusive" game. But that would have disappointed and frustratedeveryone too, and not really have been a satisfactory solution. In businessand in social relationships, mistakes sometimes get made that also defysatisfactory remedies, or at least easy or simplistic ones.