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In a word, Carlota and Eugenie may have been rulers for a time, but Zita was the Empress. The throne occupied by her husband was neither contrived by other men representing special interests nor a hand-me-down cobbled together by a relative who was calling himself First Consul before illegitimately arrogating to himself the most august title Christendom ever knew outside the precincts of the Church. Of the three, Karl’s throne alone owed its provenance to no one and nothing but God. Yet, Zita’s only treasure in this world for most of her life would be her children. Not for her would be either the happy oblivion of madness or the patronage of the Queen of England. All three women had long lives, but two of them spent the end of their days amid surroundings that were the best money could buy. Only Zita would die in a decent but modest nursing home run by religious sisters.

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Ohno was born in Hakodate, Hokkaido; his father was a fisherman and his mother a musician. A gifted athlete, he attended Japan Athletic College, in Tokyo. His life changed in 1926 when, while still a student, he attended a performance by the Argentinian flamenco dancer Antonia Mercé, known as "the Queen of the Castanets". Soon after, he began to study with the modern-dance pioneers Baku Ishii and Takaya Eguchi.

Mother: The Important Person of My Life

now to enjoy this minute of my life writing this essay without my mother

I value my deep family network more than anything else in my life because of my family’s unconditional love, deep family understanding, and continual support to me. Those aspects always help me to keep going and to get stronger. Without my family, I could not accomplish almost anything. My family is the most precious treasure that I have gained from God in my life.