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In opinion essay, do we have to discuss both the sides even if the instruction doesn’t mention about the same (generally instruction will be like – discuss both the sides).
Considering the above example, in which the instruction is mentioned as “To what extent do you agree ?”, the model answer discussed both the sides.

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As an evaluator of the movie, we have to be fair, our opinion unbiased, and based on a thorough analysis of the movie. We should watch the movie for more than one time and should try not to ignore any event or detail in the movie. It will be helpful in avoiding any bias or misconception about the main theme. Biasness is also related to the fact that if we are evaluating a movie by one of our favorite directors then a mindset will be developed prior to watching the movie based on the previous movies by the same directors or stars. This will make it difficult to avoid biasness and critically analyze this particular movie. (King, 1993)

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Ideas and concepts conveyed in the movie should be analyzed to arrive at the conclusion whether movie is presenting a new idea or just repetition of old ones. We should also strive to understand the images and how they are presented in the movie. Movie should be examined closely, again and again. To derive meaning we should try to get into more details and explore every part separately. After examining every part of the movie we should then link all the parts together and from an opinion about continuity of events.

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It is considered by many that most of the individuals and even our society have had a much adverse effect because of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. In my opinion, excessive of anything is harmful and not just social sites. Instead, these sites are helping to create awareness, raising business, online polling and much more which is helping the society in a bigger way.

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The subject of……is generating a lot of controversies nowadays. While a group of people opinion strongly for it ; opponents are also found to be consistent. In this essay I will look at these views first before I conclude with my own opinion….(as a introduction)

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Thanks for sharing 🙂 I don’t really understand your point about it being safer – large apartment blocks can have serious fire risks as was shown in the UK in 2017 when 17 people died in a fire. But you are 100% that this is essay requires your opinion. It is also good to explain why the disadvantages are not so important.

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For making fair evaluation of a movie it is imperative to watch the movie repeatedly trying to find out the most interesting and persuasive scene of the movie. The purpose of deciding about the most interesting scene is to present a conclusive evaluation about the worthiness of the theme. Moreover, main features and characteristics of the movie should be noted for example the movie is romantic, a suspense thriller, adventure-oriented, comedy, or addresses a social issue. As discussed above a fair evaluation is always unbiased meaning a movie with favorite stars and director may not meet the expectation or criteria set for evaluating a particular movie. Every movie should be evaluated exclusively based on its distinctive features. It means that a person evaluating movie should be open-minded and ready to criticize the performance of even favorite starts in the movie under evaluation. (Chitlik, 2008)