New Orleans/Garrison JFK Assassination Investigation

When the House Select Committee on Assassinations quizzed Garrison on the possibility of a Mafia connection, and particularly about New Orleans Mafia chieftan , Garrison replied as follows:

 Tom Bethell was an Englishman who was in New Orleans to write a book on Dixieland Jazz.

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The loss ofNew Orleans gateway to the Mississippi Riverand Valley and chief city and port theConfederate was catastrophic.

When author Gerald Posner got access to the documents in the possession of the New Orleans District Attorney's office, he found some hair-raising things.

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While many conspiracists have rejected Jim Garrison’s “case” against Clay Shaw, Judythembraces it wholeheartedly. She claims that Shaw “represented Texas money in New Orleans.” Shaw is portrayed as a thoroughly cold-blooded fellow by Judyth. For example, it is he who isbehind the trip to Jackson and Clinton.

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Of the 8 persons Judyth knew who were connected to the New Orleans cancerproject, 5 were dead by 1967. After 1972, only she and Ochsner remained – andshe was in hiding.

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Like Banister, Ferrie is an absolutely essential figure to include in any New Orleans-based plot. According to Judyth, soon after she arrived in New Orleans:

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Of particular note was Lee’s remarks that Carlos Marcello wanted to make surehis deportation trial (fueled by a personal vendetta run by Bobby Kennedy to kickMarcello out of the country for good) was going to end in New Orleans in hisfavor – the very day Kennedy visited Dallas. “Just to show how much power hereally has,” Lee told me, “he is going to time it to coincide with –” Lee broke off,but of course I understood.

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Of course, this creates a huge problem, since Phillips was working at the Mexico City CIAstation during the summer of 1963, and could hardly have been the handler of Lee Oswald inNew Orleans. So the “outline” fudges a bit and admits “Mr. B may not have been Phillips.”