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At the 2nd edition, year 2006, the CETDEM Organic Farming Coordinator led a group of 4 consisting of 2 farmers, one cook and a retailer that participated in the event from 26 to 30 October.

From everything I’ve learned about Organic Farming, here are the most important points:

For most of time, organic farming was just called farming. There was no special term for it because that’s just how the world “made” food.

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It is run based on the ethics and design principles of organic farming and gardening.

And is there even a shred of truth to this? Not in the least. Hari claims going organic will save you from pesticides, but organic farming uses pesticides too. Some of them are far more toxic than conventional pesticides. (Remember, the dose makes the poison. Neither apple would have enough pesticide by the time it reaches market to be harmful.)

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Is always not easy to find someone who is willing to work under the sun and get his/her hands soiled….most importantly someone who is confident and believes that the activities carried out at the Organic Farming Community Centre (OFCC) would have the long term effect in creating environmental and social consciousness and not just awareness.

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Where it enhances our core activities, we will also undertake ‘fee-for-service’ work, particularly on organic farming / gardening and baking / cooking, as well as waste reduction programmes.

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In order to safeguard the interests of genuine organic farmers and consumers, CETDEM has successfully been working with the Ministry of Agriculture and other relevant agencies in developing a national standard and certification system.

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These initiatives by existing groups of organic farmers led to the development certification bodies such as the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).

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In between that period and until now, the Organic Farming Project has been funded from income from the Organic Farm itself.—– —– —– —– —–

(Source: Article by Nuria Alonso in the international magazine of IFOAM No.36)