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CASE - computer assisted software engineering tools
CANE - computer assisted network engineeringtransparent access to output of a CANE tool by an other CANE tool via CNIP (Common Network Information PlatformUses Expert Systems as middleware to provide interfaces between Business Systems & Strategic Information Systems and between SIS and Network Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle - Software engineering Essay Example

The system development life cycle is a process in which an organization develops new software or a database through a step by step planning, analysis, creation, testing and launching of the finished product. These steps are critical in ensuring that a developer or an organization produces a viable and a workable solution to its IT problems (Tomar, 2011). A good example of a database that requires a SDLC is the university databases where student’s academic progress is stored. The students can access their results, degree audits and GPA from such platforms without bothering with the cumbersome paperwork. The system development life cycle takes into consideration several important factors so that the entire project does not interfere with smooth running and at the same time it is affordable. Switching from an old system to the new developed system is as well important so that there is no downtime in the event the new system does not work.

Implementation stage of the System Development Life Cycle

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In Chapter 9 of our course text, you studied the phases of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Use the steps of the SDLC to describe the process of accomplishing a task that is of interest to you. Your task can be any task and does not have to be related to an IT system. Examples might be to take a trip; buy a house, car, or something else; get a degree; learn how to do something; plan a party; bake a cake; or just about anything else. The idea here is to come up with some concrete examples of the abstract concepts of the SDLC to show that you really understand what each step involves.