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Richard Cobden's European Tour: Three Unpublished Essays on Spain, Venice and Russia

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In the following Spring, having separated from hiswife, who died in 1837, he settled at ,Exeter, near his brother, the Revd James Ford (d. 1877; a prebendary ofthe cathedral from 1849), later purchasing , which hefurnished with the valuable paintings and books acquired in Spain. Fordoccupied himself by taking drawing lessons from ,laying out gardens, erecting a summer-house in a Moresque style, andwriting on Spanish subjects, among them, for the Quarterly Review, onthe cob walls of Devonshire (1837). It was the first of a series ofsome fifty substantial articles and reviews which Ford wrote during thenext two decades.

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Richard Ford, the eldest son of Sir Richard andLady Ford, was born inLondon on 21 April 1796, and educated at Winchester, and TrinityCollege, Oxford. In 1824 he married Harriet, only child of the fifthearl of Essex. In 1830 he sailed for southern Spain, hoping that theclimate might improve his wife's delicate health. They spent threewinters in Seville and the intervening summers in the Alhambra atGranada, before returning to England in the Autumn of 1833.