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By college, however, men and women often can pursue platonic friendships as they mature, become more independent from parents, and begin to focus on careers.
Adult friendships are marked by managing several different friends from various social groups, such as work, school, and the neighborhood. They may juggle old and new friendships. Adult friendships may focus more on connections made through partners, spouses, and children.

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So when it came time to say, "Et tu, Brute?" one could understand Caesar's surprise.

"A lot of times what people say is that cross sex friends who really care about each other are going to somehow feel that they need to become romantically involved. And I take issue with that," he says. "In our culture, that's another way friendship falls through the cracks. Friendship takes a backseat to romantically loving in our culture. We've got Valentine's Day. We have this tremendous emphasis on falling in love and finding someone to share your life. Those sorts of things. It's very much touted in our culture, romantic loving. Friendship isn't as much. One thing I say is, 'Is there a Friendship Day?'"

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All of these traits make friendship a broad and elusive topic for researchers, which still deters many social scientists from pursuing it. Rawlins finds himself reaching far back in time to find other leading friendship scholars. Aristotle, long known as the father of logic, also could be called the father of friendship. The Greek receives significant play in both books Rawlins has published so far, especially his lines about civic responsibility and friendship being essential to a well-lived life.

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To talk about friends, however, one must talk to friends. Rawlins's preferred method is to interview two friends individually for about two hours each. Then he uses his observations to craft questions for an hour-long interview together, which he tapes and transcribes for word analysis.

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This type of interviewing helps Rawlins see the unique story that underlies every friendship. "Friendships are a dialogue of narratives and a narrative of dialogues," he says. Friends communicate by telling each other stories, epics about morality, cautionary tales, personal triumphs, and stories to entertain. These stories we share with each other form chapters of a much larger friendship narrative, a major theme driving Rawlins's The Compass of Friendship.

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Rawlins uses five criteria to define friendship. Friendship needs to be voluntary—no coercion allowed. It also needs to be affectionate. Friends must like each other. A friendship must be personal, between people, and what's more, something must put the friends on equal ground. Lastly, a friendship is mutual. These criteria come from Aristotle's concept of true friendship, that friends care for each other for the other's wellbeing. Bacon says the first fruit of friendship is affection and the second is healthy judgment.